Stingray Wraps has been in the game for over ten years and has built a perfect team of customer service representatives, designers, print specialists, and installers to make sure that your job meets the highest of standards in todays market. Our team shines above most in that we’re willing to make sure you’re 100% satisfied with what leaves our office.

Standard of Perfection
Vehicle Wraps


Mobile advertising is more effective and efficient than traditional outdoor advertising, such as billboards. Being mobile, the advertisement goes where the consumers are, rather than depending on the consumer to drive past the advertisement.

The average American has traveled 302 miles in the past 7 days.

Transit advertising has grown to be the second largest segment of outdoor advertising in term of dollars spent. The Outdoor Advertising industry has nearly doubled since 1993 from $1.19 billion to $2.09 billion, and continue to grow each year.

One vehicle wrap can generate an average of 50,000 impressions daily.

Fleet vehicle advertising is 15 times more effective in boosting name recognition than any other form of advertising.

Wall Wraps


Wall wraps are a cost effective way of sending a LARGE message that can either be for artistic or marketing purposes. We have used wall wraps in multiple restaurant franchises across the country to market their established brand.

The installation of wall wraps is very quick and can be removed without damage to the wall.

With modern advances in materials, magnets can now be used on specific wraps that can help build POP displays for trade shows.

Window Graphics


Window graphics create the perfect visual advertising opportunity for store fronts, showroom windows, restaurants, and every type of vehicle. Window "perf" allows the consumer to see the full graphic image with no visual interruptions from the outside. From the inside however, you can see straight through.

Another benefit from having a window graphic is that it will block out 50% of the sun’s UV rays.

Window Graphic packages are offered in either cut vinyl, printed vinyl, perf or a mix of all including custom cutting and installing.

Decals & Banners


Decals and banners are an extemely cost efficient way of marketing your business. Decals and banners are both extremely durable and can last for years. Whether your message be small or large, this is always an effective route to take.

No banner size is too large for us to make!