Introduction & Survey

Conveniently located in Addison, our doors are open 5 days a week and we’re ready to meet you! We have a friendly and professional staff that will show you through our office and explain firsthand how the process works. We’ll show you our different wrap options, our up to date machinery, introduce you to our installers and let your see the meticulous and precision detail we offer.

If your vehicle that your interested in is on premises when you arrive, we’ll have a team go out and survey and show you what we can offer. If a vehicle is not on site, our team will come out to you and provide an estimate within 24 hours.

Design Work

Stingray has been working in the digital field since the beginning and has built a design team that is knowledgable in all works of modern art. We pride ourselves in our ability to produce not only wraps, but apparel and packaging that surpasses what is expected and reaches the audience that modern trends have created.

Our team is proficient in making sure that your design is professional, catchy, and produced in a high resolution format that stands out amongst the competition. We offer initial mockups with up to two revisions free of charge to let you see the potential we offer.

Prep & Print

After your design is perfected and approved, Stingray will prep your vehicle for the wrap process. In certain cases we will have to remove graphics or cut vinyl from previous wraps and make sure that no damage comes to your vehicle in this process. Extra charges may apply for decal removal. While the vehicle is being prepped, your design will set up in final production stages and moved to our Roland printer.

After the prints are completed, the vinyl will be set aside to outgas for 24-48 hours to insure that all ink has set correctly. The vinyl is then moved over to laminator where a team will apply the over laminate to seal the print and make sure that no lifting or fading will occur.


Our wrap team was built with installers that have more than ten years experience and have completed professional work all over the country. They strive to be efficient and professional and make sure that no issues will ever occur with the wraps they put out.

Once all wrap panels are prepared for install, the wrap team will use the mockup to lay the panels on the vehicle to insure that the design matches on the physical vehicle. Over the next 24 hours, the wrap team will install all panels, double check the entire vehicle for quality control and run over the wrap again with a torch to seal all adhesive in areas that may be likely for lifting.


As soon as your wrap is complete, we’ll meet you out front of our office and walk over the wrap with you. If for any reason irregularities are noticed, we will do everything we can to correct issues you may have free of charge.

We strive to put out work that tops industry standards with a wrap that will look incredible and last for years without any problems. We hope to see you soon!


Walls wrap are an extemely effecient way to get your message across in a BIG manor. They look incredible, avoid any natural elemnts such as sun and UV rays, and can completely change the vibe of any room. Avoid the costs of paint and have an entire wall wrapped at a low cost and a quick turn around.

The process of wall wraps is similar to that of car wraps with the exception that we come to you to survey and install. All materials used are the best in the industry and can stand for countless years without a single issue. We use matte overlaminate so that glare is not an issue and gives the appears of a natural paint.


Storefronts have so much space avaiable for you to shout your message to anyone walking or driving by while still allowing you to see through your windows. We use top of the line perforated material that holds up to the natural elements.

Similar to vehicle and wall wraps, we come to you to survey, install and insure that issues will not occur in the near future. We use an overlaminate on all exterior graphics unlike most shops and that allows the material to shine and withstand fading.