will the wrap damage my vehicles paint?

No, Stingray Wraps uses precautionary measures to ensure that your vehicle’s paint is protected and cleaned properly before it’s applied. We will consult with you before the project on any potential issues.

how long will my wrap last?

Stingray Wraps uses high grade vinyl material that lasts 5+ years when taken care of properly. Stingray Wraps staff will educate you on best practices for extending the life of your wrap.

does the color of my vehicle matter?

Yes, depending on type of wrap you want for your vehicle, the color can play a part in the processes used to wrap it.

will window graphics affect my vision out of the vehicle?

Window graphics are specially designed to effectively cover the glass while still allowing the driver to see outside of the vehicle.

if my logo changes shortly after I have my vehicle wrapped, what are my options?

Not a problem, Stingray Wraps can easily generate new overlays for your logo.

can you wrap all parts of my vehicle?

Yes, we are able to wrap all parts that have a high gloss paint, glass or chrome. We can not wrap rough or pebble surface plastic. Our team will consult with you before each job.

what types of vehicles will Stingray take on?

Stingray Wraps has a professional staff that is talented at wrapping a wide array of vehicles and we will discuss your needs upfront. Some standard vehicles we wrap: Cars, Trucks, Trailers, Construction Equipment. Call us or Request Quote for special vehicles.

how is my wrap design created?

Stingray Wraps has graphic design artists on staff that will tailor your wrap's design to properly communicate your message.